My Manson Collection

Here's my collection of Marilyn Manson stuff. It isn't complete (largely in the CD/Vinyl section), but the vast majority is here:

Manson Stuff:

Twiggy Stuff:

John 5 Stuff:

Pogo Stuff:

Skold Stuff:

Ginger Stuff:


My Other Collections

And here's my collection of stuff from numerous other bands and celebrities:

Photo and book signed by Dita Von Teese.

Vinyl signed by the members of the band 'A'.

CD cover signed by the members of 'Ash'.

CD booklets signed by Cradle Of Filth (graffiti by Dani).

Vinyl sleeve signed by 'Cyclefly'.

CD sleeve signed by members of 'The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster'.

CD booklets signed respectively by The Method and Jason Miller of Godhead.

Laminate pass signed by the Al Jourgensen of 'Ministry'.

CD booklet signed by the members of 'Maplebee'.

CD booklet signed by the members of 'Huski', and Maple Bee's setlist from their first ever show at Madam JoJo's in London on August 10th, 2006.

Copy 'Lalleshwari' by Katie-Jane Garside of 'Queen Adreena', featuring her hand-print in paint on the booklet.

CD cover signed by Crispin from 'Queen Adreena'.

Katie-Jane Garside's setlist from Queen Adreena's show at 'The Lost Weekend' festival in London, 1/7/2000.

Concert ticket from Manson's show at London Arena in 2001, signed by Katie-Jane Garside from 'Queen Adreena' and David Draiman of 'Disturbed', who I met after the show.

Signed limited edition release of the short story collection 'Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman' by Haruki Murakami.

Signed copy of the novel 'Haunted' by Chuck Palahniuk.

CD booklet signed by members of 'Rachel Stamp'.

CD booklet signed by Regina Spektor.

Vinyl signed by 'Terrorvision'. The 'To Darth Vader' is in reference to a Star Wars t-shirt I was wearing at the time :S

Photo signed by director Wes Craven.